A Great Place to be Jewish

University of Kansas landscape view.

KU: A Great Place to Be Jewish because:

…we have a sizable Jewish population, with nearly 2000 Jewish students on campus.

…KU Hillel is one of the most active student organizations on campus, winning KU’s Student Organization of the Year multiple times.

…we have hundreds of students are actively involved in Jewish life on campus every semester.

… the university offers high-quality Jewish academic offerings, including a Jewish Studies Minor and Hebrew as a foreign language.

…KU is a safe place to be Jewish with virtually no anti-Semitism or anti-Israel activity.

…there is a very active Jewish Greek community, including Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi), and Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT).

…nearly 100 KU students travel to Israel every year on Taglit-Birthright Israel, study abroad, and other experiences.

…the University of Kansas celebrates diversity and actively strives to make KU a great experience for Jewish students.

…all of KU’s Jewish groups and organizations work in partnership with one another to ensure a strong Jewish community.

…the Kansas City Jewish community is only 40 minutes away.

…our alumni get involved and lead their Jewish communities after they graduate.

Thanks to these reasons and many more, KU has emerged as a destination school for Jewish students from all around the country. Our strong Jewish community provides numerous opportunities to connect to Jewish life both on and off-campus. At the heart of it all is KU Hillel, widely regarded as one most innovative and impactful Hillels in the entire country.
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